UFC champ Robert Whittaker uses Excel, gaming to get into shape

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The technology employed by Whittaker, an elite fighter in the UFC arena, is beguilingly simple. The lifelong gamer finds stress relief in the sprawling digital worlds of his favorite video games, and stockpiles data about his training and conditioning in Microsoft Excel.


A team of five coaches rely on the same program used by number crunchers everywhere to hoard information on Whittaker, which they then use to fine-tune his body into the perfect fighting machine.

"The only predictor of future behavior is past behavior," says Fabricio Itte, one of Whittaker's coaches.

For the past five years, Itte has collected mountains of data about the fighter: weight, calorie intake, macronutrient split (finding the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat), resting heart rate, rate of perceived exhaustion, training volume. Whittaker can't take a step without it being recorded.

Nearly his entire training regimen revolves around collecting and analyzing the numbers.




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Wow, though it's been a long time since you posted it, it still sounds insane that Robert Whittaker used Excel to get into shape. Actually, I'm here for some advice that could help me get quickly into shape.
Hello! While I'm glad you liked the piece, this isn't really a health and fitness community, so this probably isn't the best place for this sort of advice.

Hey guys! I just found this post, and this is great. Like many of you, I'm pretty new to this forum so bear with me :) I can't believe it, Robert Whittaker actually used Excel and gaming to get into shape! That's pretty insane. So I'm sure plenty of the badass veterans on here already have a ton of advice, but I wanted to throw in my two cents. I'm a huge fan of MMA guides, so that's kinda what I'm going for. You all know the importance of training and a balanced diet, but I find that following an MMA guide really brings it all together, because you get tips from all the different disciplines like boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai. Plus, you need to be in shape to even think of competing in MMA, so having a guide that has the whole package like that is a huge plus for me. Hope this helps on your journey, fighters

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Hi, this curiosity fits perfectly into our New Space (Away from the keyboard) maybe this post should be there?

@LaraBridges Hi,

you are welcome at MTC - this is a great place and you can definitely improve your IT form.

My original post (from five years ago) is a use case about Excel, so is fine for here.

But sure, if people want to post about fitness questions, feel free to do so at Away from Keyboard. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/away-from-keyboard/bd-p/AwayFromKeyboard