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Hello, is there someone who could tell me why in Excel formula list I have my UDF mixed with the foreign version of Excel  built in functions. As you can see excel is in French but my own UDF are mixed with Italian version of excel functions, I don't use Italian, further in the list there is norwegian version of excel functions, It is a mess to find out my own UDF.




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Change language in Excel
Follow the step-by-step instruction.
Note: These instructions apply to Microsoft Office Excel, version 2010 or later on Windows.
1st step:
Open Excel and then switch to the "File" tab.
Go to "Options" at the bottom left.
2nd step:
Then a new window will open. Click on "Language" in the ribbon on the left. In the "Select editing language" area you will see "e.g. German (Germany)" marked with "<standard setting>". Click on your preferred language and then on the button "Set as default".
Note: You can expand the range of languages ​​using the "Add additional editing languages" drop-down menu. Make your selections, then click Add.
3rd step:
In the lower area ("Select display language") you can also change the display and help language. Simply click on the language and then on "OK".

Then restart Excel once.


Hope I was able to help you.

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@NikolinoThank you but it doesn't fix the problem, I have found a solution with unselect the Excel solver add on. What I have taken for foreign version of excel functions were the foreign version of Excel functions bound with the Excel solver. I ll try to manage it according what I need at the moment switching from select to unselect and vice versa solver add on.


Nice that you could find a solution yourself.
I wish you continued success with Excel :))

I know I don't know anything (Socrates)