Two-Variable Data Table - Errors in output cells

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Can you take a look at the attached spreadsheet and let me know what you think is causing the erroneous values in most of the output cells?  Thanks in advance. 

The attached spreadsheet is an excerpt from our financial model where we need to show various combinations of 1) contractor prices and 2) energy rates that result in at least a minimum IRR threshold, e.g. 8.5%, so I've added a two-variable data table, which unfortunately is not producing correct results; I've tried reversing the input cells that just made it worse - all output cells with "#NUM!"
From what I've seen online and via Excel help, it looks like I've set up the table correctly, however it seems the data table does not like the IRR function. It gives correct results for the first two columns of the first row only; all other output cells are incorrect on the first row and all columns of the remaining rows. 
It works fine however for the PMT example I saw online.  
See the attached Excel Test file. 
Have you seen these types of errors before, e.g. is this a known MS Office 365/Excel bug?
Better yet, do you have a solution so we don't have to manually populate the matrix of output cells!? 
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