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I am struggling with a formula in a spreadsheet. I am in a library course. We haven't been taught any Excel during class and need to write up an Excel spreadsheet from scratch. The spreadsheet concerns overdue items, library branches etc.


I finished this spreadsheet and used this formula to return the item that was most overdue:



But our tutor was using last year's spreadsheet data so everything was very overdue. When she realised this she changed the hired-out dates and now there are two items that have the "Maximum Overdue" value. She is on holidays for 3 weeks and this spreadsheet is due in 2 weeks. 


A classmate has emailed the tutor, but I wanted to ask if this is possible and see if I could actually find a way of doing it. How would I return 2 text values to a single cell? 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 


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Hello Naomi


I set up a quick Power Query solution.

I assumed you only wanted to see the overdue items and not the complete list. In your table every item is an overdue item - even when it is not.

I hardcoded the values for Loan Period and Overdue action period.

I used conditional formatting for the most overdue item(s) and a pivot chart for the distribution of the item types.



Hello Naomi, 

In the attached file, I added Overdue Items and Overdue Days in Columns H and I, respectively. The formulas under Column H, starting in H4, return the list of the Overdue Items, which is a concatenation of the Membership Number, Library Name, and Item, through this formula: 

1/(F$4:F$28*(COUNTIF(H$3:H3,D$4:D$28&" "&B$4:B$28&" "&C$4:C$28)=0)=MAX(INDEX(
F$4:F$28*(COUNTIF(H$3:H3,D$4:D$28&" "&B$4:B$28&" "&C$4:C$28)=0),0))),
D$4:D$28&" "&B$4:B$28&" "&C$4:C$28))

Meanwhile, the formulas under Column I, starting in I4, return the Overdue Days in Descending Order, through this formula: 

LOOKUP(PI(),1/(D$4:D$28&" "&B$4:B$28&" "&C$4:C$28=H4),

I know Detlef Lewin prefers the sexy PI() over the standard lookup_value argument of 2. I will make him smile by conceding to his preference.




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