Two Excel worksheets in the same workbook have become mysteriously linked to each other


I have been using Excel (Office 365 subscription) for less than six months, so consider this a new user question.  I recently added a second sheet (Sheet2) to a workbook to act as a backup for data in Sheet1.  That way, if I accidentally destroyed the data in Sheet1, I could simply copy and paste it back from Sheet2.  The data is purely numeric (no formulas).


Today I needed a place to try out a formula and I decided to use sheet2 as a scratch space.   I began typing the formula into cell M12 starting with the equals sign. However I did not see the equals sign in the formula bar.  It showed up in K48.


I tried copying and pasting from one sheet2 cell to another.  At this point I realized the copy/paste was coming from sheet1, even though I was in Sheet2.


I should mention that this is a VBA application.  The workbook does not contain any formulas, only data.


The following may be relevant.  While I was having this problem, I noticed at the bottom of the Excel window that the tabs for Sheet1 and Sheet3 were both white (as if both were on top).  After clicking the tabs, I got them to where only one tab at a time was white.  But the problem described above did not disappear.


Any idea what could be happening, and what I might have done to cause it?

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Here is what I see at the bottom of the Excel window