Two Excel tables in one sheet

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Good morning, 

I have two tables on one excel spreadsheet. Is it possible to make each table move separately from one another?  I would like to scroll down on my table that lists employees names and dates but 2nd table stationary and be able to scroll down when I click into it.  I tried to use the "Spilt" option in Excel but it does not work. 


Thank you for all the help. I am still new at excel I want to learn as much as possible. 





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If you place the second table somewhere below the first table, you can split the window horizontally and display one table in the upper pane and the other in the lower pane. You can scroll up and down in one pane independently of the other one.


If the second table is to the right of the first one, there is no way to scroll down in one table independently of the other one.