Two dates in one cell

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Hi all,


I have trouble finding out how to do this. 


I want to fit in two dates in one cell without messing up the format

the format I have in mind is d-mmm-yy

however everytime I input two dates in one cell

the format changes to the other one

How do I maintain or fix the format so that both dates remain as such in one cell


Example of what I want to dates in one cell looks like:

01-Jan-21 - 02-Jan-21

Please help me. I am helpless!

Thank you in advance 

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@Dyla_1806 You mean like this?

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 11.36.32.png

When you enter 01-jan-21, Excel recognises it as a data. It gets "translated" to 01/01/2021 but its displayed as you typed it. If you than add " - 02-jan-21" to that, it become a text like in the picture above. So, just type the whole text string in one go "01-jan-21 - 02-jan-21". Then it will show as desired. But, be aware that you are no longer working with real dates.

Yes except when I input it as what you told me to it came out as

@Dyla_1806 Can't replicate that on my machine. When I enter the string as in my previous post, I get this:

Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 12.10.38.png