Two datasets in one histogram

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I have a problem. I have tried for a time to get this right aaaand it does not work, although I have tried a numbered on YT videos they have not worked. Basically I want to have multiple datasets displayed in a histogram, basically a double bar histogram. I have a screenshot of my problem, O1 and P1 are the datasets with the data in the column respectively. If I ad the "explanation" only "Min V" is shown and not "Max V" with  separate bars included in, for example, orange. N1 is Sector, basically every sector have a "Min V" and a "Max V", I want the values for every sector separated in 4 bars, both for "Min V" and "Max V" where the amount of sectors are counted on the Y-axis. 


Is there anyone who knows what I can to?? Please show my, preferable with a video alternative if it is possible!!

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I forgot to add a screenshot of my data in case that helps!