Trying to make a chart template be the default chart


My favorite way to create perfect charts in one keystroke:

1. Create a chart with Alt+F1 and you get a clustered column chart. 

2. Customize that chart to match your preferred chart style.

3. Right-click the chart and Save as Template. Give the template a name and save.

4. With the chart selected, choose Change Chart Type. Navigate to the Templates folder. Right-click your template and choose Set as Default Chart.

5. Click OK to close the dialog.


In the future, you can select your data, press Alt+F1, and all of the settings from step 2 will be applied. It is a big time saver. I've featured this trick on my YouTube channel several times:


Except: it was recently broken in Office 365 First Release channel. It still works in Excel 2013 and all past versions. Is this functionality being depracated on purpose? I understand you are moving to a new Ivy charting engine, but it is a great time-saver for people who routinely have to create the same type of charts.



Alt+F1 creates a clustered column chart. But you can customize Alt+F1 to create the perfect chart for your job. Recap:F11 was the old shortcut key to create ...
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