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I am trying to make a simple tool to calculate something given a list of data. We have a set amount of sheet metal with certain gauges. I want to be able to click the gauge from a dropdown (already done) and have it automatically fill in the corresponding thickness and radius cells from the same table that the gauge was pulled from (on sheet labeled "Sheet Metal"). 

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If I understand what you're asking, it's a standard use of the VLOOKUP function, as I've done in the attached revision of your sheet. By the way, so far as I could tell, the drop-down had NOT been done, so I've added that as well.


Here's the VLOOKUP formula needed to get the thickness.

=VLOOKUP(C1,'Sheet Metal'!A2:C13,2,0)


And here's a website that explains VLOOKUP. If this is not what you meant by your question, please come back with a clarification.


Thank you! Its odd that you weren't able to see my drop down menu. When I downloaded yours, it didn't show up either. When I save it says that it needs to be put into compatibility mode and references the dropdown as the source of the error.
Possibly related to the .xls file format. I normally use the more current .xlsx ...are you using an older version of Excel?
I think that file was an older one. Its something my company has been using for a while and I just wanted to update it to be more helpful. I solved the problem by converting it to the current version and re-adding the dropdown. Thanks again for your help! I didn't know VLOOKUP was a thing. In the past I just had to do this with a BUNCH of nested if then statements. I knew there was a better way, I just didn't know how to search for it.
Interesting. There's been a small epidemic of people using nested IF clauses to accomplish this, and yes, VLOOKUP is a good thing. You would benefit from looking at XLOOKUP as well--far more flexible.