Trying to find a Conditonal Formatting formula that highlights cells outside a given range of values

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Hi all,


I’m trying to create a conditional formatting rule for 'Column B' of the attached spreadsheet from Row 14 downwards.


The formula needs to highlight the cells where values DO NOT fall within a given range of acceptability as per the rules below:


Lowest limit:

Weight < (Core length – 0.03) *(Expected weight)

So that’s:

$B14 < ($A14 – 0.03) *($C14)


Upper limit:

Weight > (Core length + 0.03) *(Expected weight)

So that’s:

$B14 > ($A14 + 0.03) *($C14)


I've already had a go with the formula below, but it doesn't appear to be working:




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@Tom153 Haven't gone through your formula to check it it really does what you intend to, but I did change the CF rule so that it will give a consistent result. Note that when you apply a rule to each cell in the entire column B, you need to use B1 (without the $-signs) as the starting point. Also added a rule to skip conditional formatting if the cell in B is blank. Not sure if it's needed, but just in case.

See attached.