Trying to create a log.

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Hi, I'm not too familiar with Excel so i thought i would try asking here for help.

I am trying to create summary log for key use for mutiple keys. The ideal is to be able to quickly find the out who has the key. I made a bunch of different sheets for all the different keys, but i am having trouble creating the summary.

Is it possible to connect the sheets to one log and have the previous information recorded on the other sheet? When new information is inputted, the old information will be logged on the individual sheet?  All i can figure out is to manually input the information twice. I know t

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I find having a single input table makes things easiest and most flexible. For example you could have:
Date, KeyID, UserID, Action, ...
so you have entries like:
2023-06-06 Key123 User456 check-out

then you can do lots of things like summarize all the keys that are out and who has which key or who has checked out multiple keys...
for ease you can add a column with a formula like:
=IF(ROW()=MAX( ([KeyID]=[@KeyID])*ROW([KEYID]) ), [@Action], "")
which basically says if this ROW# = max row# with this KeyID listed then show this Action
btw this uses table format because if you format your data as a table (home -> Format as Table) then as you add data the table grows and that formula will autopopulate in the new row.