Trying to combine two text function (Two cells)

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Hi Everyone,


I am trying to write a function for a cell (in Column " Comments" that will give me an output " 2 off 12 m Lengths". For this function, there are two cells for the text to be included, R84 & AC84.


This is the current function I have in the cell now and as you can see it is not giving me the required output. For some reason it is not including the Value "12". 



Could anyone please help me with this irritating issue.



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Hi @Ruya16 


=R84 & " off " & AC84 & " m length"
Thank you so much! such a simple thing and I couldn't even figure it out :\


You're welcome. You were not far. Your mistake was TEXT(AC84,""). The fix is:

=R84 & " off " & TEXT(AC84,"0") & " m length"