Trying to change from text to number with a formula calculation

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I am creating a spreadsheet for some cattle - if they weight 700 pounds or more they will be worth $1600 and if they are less than 700 they will be $1500...i have the formula working fine, however, the results of the formula won't let me calculate a total sum at the bottom as it won't recognize the results of the formula as numbers and I can't get it to - this would be only for the blue rows (not pink) but i want the pink and blue rows to total at the bottom




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Don't use quotes around the values, and don't include the $ sign in the formula:




Format the cell with the formula as currency - this will add $ in the displayed value.

Oh my goodness! You are amazing! Thanks so much for the help! I've spent an hour trying to fix this and with your help I had it fixed in 2 minutes!