Trying to Automate using Index Match




I have a file with three sheets as per attached example.

The first sheet carries the information for all the Consignees, their addresses and the customs agents addresses.

The second sheet is where I need to select the consignee from the Main table who has an order to deliver.

On the third sheet called " for emailing", I need the data looked up from the "consignees selection sheet" and arranged in such a way that I can easily email it. I have tried to use INDEX Match to Lookup the addresses from the main sheet, but it does not give me the desired results. Please help me here..

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It's not entirely clear to me what you want, but take a look at the attached version.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Let me explain it again..I have a file with two sheets namely Consignee Main and Consignees Selection. The Main file has contacts for all Companies and their Customs agent. What I want on the " Consignees selection" File is to select any company that I want to work with, and then to lookup the addresses of that Company from the Consignee Main sheet. For example, If I select on the selection sheet A2, XYZ with certain Airport, then I should get its address looked up from the Main table and populated from column D onwards. I have attached another file.


That is different from what you first asked...