Trying to auto-populate varying options based on selections (Perhaps not possible)

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I have a spreadsheet that is used to track the commission paid out to photographers, and am hoping to streamline the data entry process by assigning commands but am not sure if it's possible.


An example spreadsheet is linked:


The goal using this example:


If "June Wedding" is selected as the venue under Show/Event, the options "John, Sally, Steve" populate as my options to select in the next "Photographer Name" column; each photographer name selection with a commission percentage linked to that specific show and photographer - for this June Wedding event, John and Sally automatically populate 80% in the next column and if Steve is selected he auto populates 20%.


If August Vacation is selected from the dropdown under Show/Event, my Photographer Name options are only Steve and Allison - this time, Steve with an 80% commission rate populating and 80% for Allison as well. 


Allison then may shoot another event which would only be 20% commission.


Is this a possibility within excel? I can't seem to word it correctly to find command suggestions online and before digging any deeper only for it to not be doable, I thought I would seek assistance here!

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See the attached version.

@HansVogelaar you, my friend, are my HERO! Thanks so so much!