Trying to add month and year labels underneath week numbers along x-axis in Excel graph

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I have data throughout many years and am plotting them by week



But I would like to add a month and year label underneath the week number like this example from


Unlike the example, I would prefer it if the week number didn't start from 1 again in a new year.


Is there any way to accomplish this without Power BI? Or with Power BI Free Trial version on browser? I would greatly appreciate some help.


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If you have (or add) Year and Month columns to the source it shall work.

@SergeiBaklan Thank you! Do you know how I can nicely format the months though? I've expanded my graph a lot, but even then the months show up sparsely and overlap with each other too much. I'd prefer it if the months were vertical to avoid this issue, but when I go to Format Axis > Text Options and set the text direction to "Rotate all text 270", it only rotates the week numbers.


Sparsity issue when graph is expanded:


Overlapping issue when graph is shrunk:


Is there any way to format the months so that they are vertical like the week numbers? Thanks!



In Excel we may rotate only most inner label, i.e. weeks in your case. Not others.

Keep values only for first date in month/year, slightly it could help with autoformatting