Trying to add a day to a last date of a month date ....

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The image shows my formulas and their corresponding reference cells. As you can see, Friday, July 1st as a filename shows up as June 1 instead of July 1. I have tried multiple combinations (based off Google searches!) and can't seem to get it to work. 


Any help is sincerely appreciated!


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Have you ever tried Eomonth function?
That function find the end of month with months offset forward or backwards.
=Eomonth("5 Jun 2022",-1)= 31 May 2022
=Eomonth("5 Jun 2022",0)= 30 Jun 2022
=Eomonth("5 Jun 2022",1)= 31 Jul 2022

=Eomonth("5 Jun 2022",-1)+1= 1 Jun 2022
=Eomonth("5 Jun 2022",0)+1= 1 July 2022
=Eomonth("5 Jun 2022",1)= 1 Aug 2022