Truly am not understanding

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I have a workbook with three sheets in it. I am having the hardest time figuring out how to create a formula to input data from a table into a column. Maybe what I want in my head just wont work idk. So I am likely not speaking the correct jargon, and for that I apologize. Sheet 1 is my main sheet and I would like to have information auto fill out when selecting certain items. Column B of Sheet one is a drop down list and I would love to have the item selected there to automatically input a number based on the selection into Column D. I have data from Sheet 2 supplying the information for Column one and cant seem to figure out how to get the data from Sheet 3 to work. I understand that I should use the VLOOKUP function, however thats about as far as I am able to figure out as nothing I create works. 

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Can you attach the sample data sheet so we can check.


I put a working example (looking up ZIP Code-related information) in the attached workbook.  Read through the notes on the _Info worksheet.


To assist your specific problem, we will need to know more information than "nothing I create works".  A sample would be best.  Be sure to remove personal/confidential data, or replace it with phony data.