TRUE checkbox value auto-populates adjacent cell from another Sheet tab

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My spreadsheet has 2-sheet tabs: 'Sheet1' and 'Sheet2'.

In 'Sheet2' cell 'A1' there's a checkbox. 


If I put a check (True) in the checkbox in 'Sheet2' cell 'A1', is there a way to auto-populate 'Sheet2' cell 'B1' with a value from 'Sheet1' cell 'A1'?

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I assume that you have created a checkbox from the Form Controls.

Link the checkbox to a cell on Sheet2, for example A1 itself (if you assign a fill color to the checkbox, you won't see the value through it).

You can then use the following formula in B1:


Thanks Hans, it worked as you suggested.


Is there also a way to change the formula so that if the checkbox is not checked, it displays a '0'?

I figured it out by changing the formula to this: =IF(A1,Sheet1!A1,"0")


However, when I now try to change the background color with conditional formatting equal to '0', it doesn't work. Not sure why.....

@Hans Vogelaar 


I figured it out. I had to change the conditional formatting to text for the 0 and it worked.

Thanks again for your help with this Hans.