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When I try to use IF formula, excel show pop-up window: There is a problem with formula.

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You don't provide any details, so it's impossible to know what causes the problem.

One possible issue: if you use point as decimal separator, use commas to separate the arguments of the function:

=IF(A1>37, "Yes", "No")

But if you use comma as decimal separator, you should use semicolons to separate the arguments:

=IF(A1>37; "Yes"; "No")

@Hans Vogelaar 

Dear Hans Vogelaar.

I don't have any decimal separators, since tha field format is time: ( 00:00:00 )


Kind regards.


How do you write two-and-a-half? As 2.5 (point is decimal separator) or as 2,5 (comma is decimal separator)?

@Hans Vogelaar 


I write 2:30


But as you mentioned before, I changed , with ; and the formula was accepted.


So thank you.