Trouble Using Excel Templates

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Hi. I have been trying to use the check register templates on Excel. It works great until I get to the last line of what they have premade. I have tried to insert rows (didn't work with the formulas), changing the formulas and filling down after adding rows(Didn't work). I have tried to input formulas with just the cell numbers and that hasn't worked it keeps auto inputting stuff into the formula that I don't need.


Any advice at how to use these templates for more than the 10 rows they have set up? I would love to use it. At this point I am about to just make my own spreadsheet like I have done for my bills and other things. I really like the template they have, but I have come to the end of my ability to figure it out on my own. Any advice you can give me would be great!

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@lpntee082130 Exactly which template(s)? A simple search gave me two, but neither of these are very complicated. Both use structured tables, which expand automatically when you type a new entry directly below the last row. Formulae will automatically be copied down to the new row as well. 

The last row/column in a structured table is recognised by the marker in the bottom right-hand corner. See picture.

Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 07.10.06.png