Trouble selecting cells or objects with mouse

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I have Win10 and Office10 installed.
Mouse selection has become buggy.
In excel, I can no longer reliably left click, hold and drag to select a specific range of cells. It's sloppy...sometimes it will start the selection a cell or two away from the desired cell, or not even allow selection at all. Occasionally, if I resave the file, it will let me do as I intend but not always.  It is not the "Extend Selection" issues that others have. I then checked powerpoint. I cannot reliably select and drag an object. Same thing goes for files on Win desktop when trying to move to a folder.
I verified I have the most recent mouse driver (using logitech M705). I've check advanced features in excel under options and have "enable fill handle and allow drag and drop" clicked. It seems like a more global problem with Win10. For instance, I cannot reliably select a paragraph to copy when browsing in Chrome. Any thoughts?
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Hi Michael


I have experienced this too. I find sometimes that it is the magnification settings (bottom right corner of Excel, PowerPoint, etc).


Try zooming in (or other adjustments) and see if that helps?




Thanks Damien, I was hoping that Zoom would be the culprit but unfortunately it is not. I've tried Repairing Office 2010, rechecked my mouse device settings to no avail. It is a more global problem as I cannot select the intended paragraph of text on a webpage using Chrome. I'm re-checking for viruses.

Not great buddy. Hope it gets sorted!

Good luck!

This is also happening to me in both Word and Excel.  It's driving me crazy.  Have you found any fixes yet?  I have a completely new computer and mouse and the selecting cell or word process has become frustrating.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


In my case, I think I've narrowed it down to the hard drive being full and nearly out of space. The excel file is very large with lots of data and macros. I think its a storage problem. 

@Michael Marvelli


I've noticed this problem in Excel and Microsoft Edge. In Edge it appeared to be related to the zoom level; if I reset my zoom level I could use the scroll bar otherwise the 'hit box' for the scroll bar and the visual position of the scroll bar were different


In excel I get the issue of selecting a cell and it selects a different cell - this is seems to be where the scroll position of the content on the screen becomes disconnected from the scroll position of the scroll bar. This happens reliably if I have 'freeze panes' activated (e.g. I have the top row of a table frozen). With freeze panes activated scrolling with the scroll gesture on my mouse pad (two finger swipe) disconnects the content scroll position from the scroll bar position - I can see this happening; when I scroll with the mouse pad the page scrolls but the scroll bar doesn't move.


Once the scroll position of the content/page becomes disconnected from the scroll bar position the only way to 're-sync' it is to scroll the page using the scroll bar


I have been having the same trouble since I got a Surface Pro tablet with docking station. Logitech 310 mouse will not swipe very well in just about anything, but most annoying in Excel. But for me the problem was not anything with the computer or the Office apps - it was the Logitech Mouse! I swapped out for a BlackWeb wireless mouse (either USB wireless or Bluetooth) and the problem is gone!  Hallelujah!

@Colette Killian It's your mouse!  Check that.... I just had the same issue and discovered my mouse sensor was not working properly.  My trackpad on my laptop worked to highlight just fine and so did a new mouse!

This is due to some add-on, at least for me. Followed the instruction in the link and my issue is resolved.

Excel selecting wrong cells - Microsoft Community

All the best!

I've had this issue several times with mouse attached using USB. Initially I could clean the sensor under the mouse (with ear bud or soft lense cloth). Now this does not work. Changed mouse and the problem disappears.

@Michael Marvelli For those who need a concrete response... Office 365 isn't the issue, confirmed with our IT department and others at our company. I had a Logitech M310 mouse and that was the issue. I switched to a Logitech M525 and it works like how Excel, Outlook, etc. should now. Hope this saves someone the agonizing pain of being unable to flash fill by dragging, trying to grab documents or emails while it disconnects your click, etc.

@Michael Marvelli 


Fortunately for me it was as simple as zooming out that fixed this.


Surface Pro 7

Windows 11

@Damien_Rosario this worked like a charm!  So grateful you took the time to post this resolution. I was beginning to think I might be having the onset of Parkinson's or something that I couldn't control my mouse well enough to make these simple maneuvers to move info between Excel cells. HA HA

Hi @Steve_Ellis515 


I'm very glad something in here was useful to you and has saved you from a specialist doctors appointment :D:face_with_tears_of_joy:


Best wishes with everything.