Trouble printing my spreadsheet large enough on one page

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I am trouble printing my excel spreadsheets to one page large enough so I can read it.  I have change the margins, chosen fit to one page, changed it to landscape, highlighted the selection only to print.  I do not know what else I need to do.  I am working from a MacBook Air.  Do I need to set certain settings before I begin work


Any suggestion would be great.  

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@Lisa_P2021 How large (rows/columns) is the sheet you want print?

The range is A - H and 1 - 117

@Lisa_P2021 A to H with "normal sized" columns could perhaps go, but 117 rows will never fit on one page.


Thank you.  Do you suggest splitting into two worksheets? 


@Lisa_P2021 Or 3 or 4. You can set it up to print 1 page wide by "n" page high, where "n" is determined by how many rows you have.

It won't accept n as an integer. I feel like I missing something very simple. I wish I could share my screen so you could see what I have to work with.