Trouble opening an Excel File.

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I have had trouble opening an Excel File.
If you know that the file is corrupted, there is no possibility of extracting the data contained in the sheet
File format or file type is invalid
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Hi Geir,


It looks like it is actually corrupted - if you add .txt extension at the end and open in Notepad it'll be nothing inside.


I agree it looks like this file is corrupt.  I would recommend right clicking on the file then go to:


Properties > Previous Versions


There may be a system back up file there depending on how long ago the file was created and the settings applied to your computer.


Or, as variant, it was wrongly generated by other than Excel application


@Matt Mickle 

I right clicked on the file, opened properties, and saw that the the file being downloaded from an email had been blocked by the computer as beng "unsafe". I just clicked unblock and I was finally able to open the spreadsheet. Took me a day to find this.