Trimming formula in Excel

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Hello! I have an issue with a trimming formula.


I am trying to trim a string and I want to get anything that is between the first and the last dot of the string. Here is an example: I have and I want to get only help.needed.


I have used the following formula: 



However, whenever the last part of the website is different than ".com" but it is, for example, ".de" it trims also what is before the dot. Here is what I mean --> I get help.neede (it omits the final "d") 


I have also tried with 

=RIGHT(A2;LEN(A2)-FIND(".";A2)) and then =LEFT(B2;LEN(B2)-FIND(".";B2))


Can anybody help me?

Thank you very much



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Hi @Alessandro_Becci,

Try this:






Thanks Ben


You're very welcome!