Tricky formatting for a gauge chart... (see attached)

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I am trying to format the primary pie graph (red, yellow, green) of the attached gauge chart to a set value rather than a percent. In the attached example, I need the meeting of yellow and green to equal the goal or 146,650. This way, the needle will reflect any surplus amount in the green portion in stead of the blacked out portion below. I am sure there's a way, but I can't figure it out. Any help is greatly appreciated! 





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If the boarder between yellow and green needs to reflect your goal, the sum of red and yellow needs to be 100%. I assume you want the RED to reflect a performance of up to 35%. Then YELLOW should be 65%. If you then also set GREEN to 35% and BLANK to 50%, the gauge looks nice and balanced.


Make sure that the percentage in the formula in G4 is set to 200% in the above example. Achieving 100% will put the needle where you want it to be.



perfect, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
You're welcome!!

Re-reading my earlier reply. Noticed I made a typo. The BLANK part should also be 65%, so that the percentages add up to 200. But I guess you figured that out by yourself