Transposing Excel Data onto a City, County, or State map

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I am charting the locations of murders in a metropolitan area and would like to create a map to do so. I have created headers for all the information I want to preserve, but don't know the next step(s) to take. Can anyone assist?

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So, have you read the Microsoft documentation, e.g., Create a Map chart in Excel?  You will note that this mapping creates only choropleth (colored-region) maps.  And as described in the Limitations section, the level of geographic detail may not be what you want.


Using the capabilities of Bing Maps might be a better fit.  The interaction of Excel with it is described, for instance, in the Microsoft documentation Get started with 3D Maps (it includes a downloadable workbook of Chicago narcotics arrests for 2011; something to experiment with), and this Simon Sez IT article (includes a video).


Be aware that what Microsoft calls a table is not (just) what most people would call a table.


Of course, other mapping products are available, such as (discontinued) Microsoft MapPoint and alternatives to it, and mapping websites such as Google Maps and Datawrapper.