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I am trying to transpose data for employees. The data is per person for different types of insurance they have. I am trying to match our reports with the report we get from the insurance company. But I can't figure out a way I can transpose the data per person for 300 plus employees. The way I'm doing it is, copy, paste special, transpose. I'm doing that for every employee since I can't figure out a way for the horizontal rows to paste for only one employee. Any help would be awesome!

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Happy to help, but not able to tell from your description what form/layout your data currently  is in.


Is it possible for you to post a file that resembles your actual data, but without any real names or other identifiable data (without SSN, for example)...


It's probably fairly simple to solve, but we need to see exactly what the source and destination look like.



Here is an example of the data I'm trying to transpose. Thanks!









I guess the data is not the same for every customer.


Is it the case?


Are you trying to transpose in separate worksheets?



That's the source. The destination needs to look like....?


I've made a guess, in the absence of your answer to that question. I also used the most recent Dynamic Array functions (UNIQUE, FILTER) to produce the attached.


If this doesn't work for you (either the layout isn't what you wanted, or something else), then please come back and clarify.