Translating Morse code in Excel

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I am working on a Morse code translator in Excel with my son. I want to get rid of the FALSE messages in the cell. Can anyone help me?


In Morse code the dots are represented with "." and the dashes are represented with "\". The formula we have come up with is:



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IF(B3=".\",    "A",
IF(B3="\...",   "B",
IF(B3="\.\.",   "C",
IF(B3="\..",    "D",
IF(B3=".",      "E",
IF(B3="..\.",   "F",
IF(B3="\\.",    "G",
IF(B3="….",     "H",
IF(B3="..",     "I",
IF(B3=".\\\",   "J",
IF(B3="\.\",    "K",
IF(B3=".\..",   "L",
IF(B3="\\",     "M",
IF(B3="\.",     "N",
IF(B3="\\\",    "O",
IF(B3=".\\.",   "P",
IF(B3="\\.\",   "Q",
IF(B3=".\.",    "R",
IF(B3="…",      "S",
IF(B3="\",      "T",
IF(B3="..\",    "U",
IF(B3="…\",     "V",
IF(B3=".\\",    "W",
IF(B3="\..\",   "X",
IF(B3="\.\\",   "Y",
IF(B3="\\..",   "Z", "error")

@Sergei Baklan Brilliant. Thank you.

@Jammin2082 , you are welcome