Transfer tables from PDF to excel.

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Hello, I am using Excel on Mac. There is no PDF file option in the Data-Get Data option to export the table from the PDF file to excelI. I will be glad if you can help.


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@Ozkan0075 Follow the below screenshot. From Data tab-->Get Data-->From File-->From PDF.

It depends on version of Excel. You may need adobe license to get data from PDF file.




@Harun24HR Not on a Mac, I'm afraid!

@Harun24HRThere is no file / files option under Get Data. 



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I think so
May be. I do not test on MAC machine.
You should be able to copy tables from your PDF and paste them into an Excel workbook. You might also take a screen shot and then use Excel's Data From Picture feature.

@Harun24HR Thank you you for your interest.