Transfer data one sheet to another

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Good afternoon everyone,

I am in need of some assistance.
I have two sheets, sheet A and sheet B.
Sheet A has all the data, one column is only filled with yes or no.

Is there a way to only have the yes rows be transferred over automatically to sheet B?
I tried but I get certain lines filled but there are a lot of empty rows on sheet B in between the lines that say yes.

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As variant Power Query could work - query A, filter on Yes, return result to B.

Advanced Filter also could be an option.

I’m a novice. can you explain both options or provide me with a link(s) where I can get step by step?


You may start from this About Power Query in Excel - Excel ( . For step by step instructions it's better to use sample file, steps are very depend on how concrete data is organized.

Another question. I’m trying to use the activex buttons while the sheet is protected but it doesn’t work. Any way to use the buttons while the sheet is protected?


Sorry, I don't know. It's better to start separate conversation with this question.