transfer data and hyperlink from web to power quary

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Is there a way in Power Query to transfer data from the web, the hyperlinked text is transferred to Power Query in the same conditions and works?

and for that how can i extract URL code from web for many items?

thanks for your attention

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It is helpful to all of us to know your operating system and Excel version, as different approaches may be required depending on the version and OS. Example: office version e.g. 2016 or 2019 or 365 web or 365 pro, etc and your operating system e.g. Win10 (2004), Win 10 (1903, Mac, etc.

This would also be a blessing for all of us, as we can understand the problem much better, a win-win situation for everyone.


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@NikolinoDE thanks for your attention

my office is 2019 and win 10


With the permission of all those involved,

I would like to provide you with this information in addition

to the very good and very interesting solution proposed by Mr.Sergei Baklan .

Import data from external data sources (Power Query)

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@Sergei Baklan 

Thank You Baklan

 i can't do it in excel but i try to check it in Power BI


Yes, sorry, Html.Table() is not available so far in Excel. Parsing of page as text which Gil suggested could work, but you shall to know which kind of links you'd like to extract and how to clean them.

@NikolinoDE , afraid just list of connectors won't help in this case.

Was worth a try

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Sorry, to try what? I really didn't catch.

@Sergei Baklan 

Thanks Baklan
I was looking for a way to create an Excel file that extract all category of formula in excel from below link by power query, that I can update the ability to access all information and examples of formulas. if it possible help me to do it please.