tracking commission with drop down

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I am trying to track my tips and commission. There are 3 different rates I need for commission calculation. I created a drop down list so I can select which commission rate is calculated for any given row. What I can't figure out is how to actually change the calculation based on what is in the drop down. It's fairly simple mathematically. One commission rate is 50%, one is 35%, and the other is 0% (still need to track tips on the no commission sales.) Just need to multiply Total Charges by the correct amount based on selection in Rate. I have searched and seen other options like CHOOSE and MATCH but they are honestly going over my head. Excel is not something I have been required to use pretty much ever. Any help is much appreciated.2023-09-10 (2).png

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@atuttle87 Not sure why CHOOSE or MATCH would be needed. Perhaps the attached example helps you on your way. If not, come back here.


@Riny_van_EekelenThank you so much. Was def making things more complicated than it needed to be I guess.