Tracker for workers' promotion criteria

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Hello, all. 


I'm currently in the process of trying to make an all-encompassing tracker for myself and those I'm responsible for. I'm almost at maybe 70-80% solution, but now I am trying to see if there are ways to make it even more efficient.  Which leads into my question/problem:


I'm trying to see, if there is a way for me to auto-populate preset formulas (in this instance, "=DATE(YEAR(C4),MONTH(C4)+# of months needed for position ,DAY(C4))") based on position, instead of me having to manually input them in.

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@dmitriusjoleskevich I guess you can use the EDATE function. For instance, =EDATE(C4,24) will add 24 months to the date in C4.

And if you have the number of months, let's say in C5, you can use =EDATE(C4,C5)

I can prolly use that to clean up my tracker, but the problem lies in that I'd still end up having to manually put everyone's date on their based on different positions.

@dmitriusjoleskevich Somebody needs to put the dates in sometime. Or do you have the dates for all staff and number of months for each position in a table somewhere else already?. Perhaps I'm just misunderstanding the meaning of "auto-populate preset formulas". And maybe you can upload or share a file (Onedrive, Dropbox etc.). That would make it easier to understand.

@dmitriusjoleskevich Okay! and what am I looking at?

Essentially the only thing that matters is the rank DOR, BASD, TIS and TIG. So essentially what I'm trying to do is have formulas that feed into each other so i know the dates of how long a person has been in the organization (BASD), how long they have had the position (DOR). based on position (Rank), I'd like formula that I made (=DATE(YEAR(C4),MONTH(C4)+#,DAY(C4)) that feed into the last two acronyms (TIS based on BASD and TIG based on DOR) so I can know how long until they meet the time requirements for promotion.

@dmitriusjoleskevich But where does the "#" come from? I presume that this is a number for each acronym (which, by the way, mean nothing to me).

A file, or a screenshot that includes column/row headers and a formula how you use it now would be helpful.

# is the number of months you add based on rank. I don't know how to imbed a file.

@dmitriusjoleskevich You can share a file via OneDrive or perhaps Dropbox.

@dmitriusjoleskevich Perhaps the attached file demonstrates what I was thinking of.