Touch screen does not work for graphic in top left

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in the workbook i have a blue graphic button with a simple macros. select a cell. then click the button and "1" goes into the active cell.

but if i do touch screen, the touchscreen option for the button does not work when the button is in the highlighted yellow area (highlighted for reference). anyone know how to resolve for touchscreen?

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Did you find any solution? The excel file you linked is no longer available to see whether we both had the same area with issue, but probably yes as for me are a few cells on top left too. If I use de mouse, it works, but with touch screen won't. I just changed device a couple of days ago and noticed this in the new device (a surface tablet) I will try in other touch screen devices to see if this happens also with another touch screen

I have the same issue.  I have created a simple macro to run from a click on a box on the start-up page of my excel sheet.  i can get it to run using a mouse, but it will not run when using the touch screen.  The touch screen is functioning normally in all other respects.  I am using an HP Probook 450 G10.  I have built multiple macro enabled buttons in the past 15 years with previous versions of Excel and used them on a variety of machines (tough books, surface, surface pro).  I have never had this issue previously.  Any help would be great.  @rangelsammon 

@rangelsammon - I have just found a work around. I tried opening an older sheet with modules I know work well and found that the top left hand side of the sheet was not allowing touch screen activation of the buttons, but the rest of the screen was. By not maximizing the Excel window and dragging the left hand side of the window across to the right I could activate the button by touch screen. Also, by repositioning my button from the left side of the sheet further right, i can also access the macro via touch screen activation of the button. Not particularly tidy and I can see this could be a pain for some applications, however it is a work around for now.

@rangelsammon I have 4 Surface Pro 7 laptops where I use macros in Excel 2019. On two of them I had this problem after office updates, and on two I didn't. I can't find the cause.