Total number in chart title


I would like to include the grant total of the pivot chart into the title.  Thank you for your time & patience.

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I meant grand total, not "grant"

@rservice0320 Perhaps like in the attached file?



thank you..
I would like the number formatted into accounting style as millions. I did try the solution before, but the number format wasn't what I was looking for. I tried using text join in a text box, but again it was making it into a text. Any further suggestions?

@rservice0320 I thought you wanted it to include the word "Total". Then it becomes a text and you can wrap the "number part" in the TEXT function to format it in the way you want. In your example, the total is 120 thousand, so that will be 0 million. Is that really what you want?


PS: Perhaps better not to mark your answer as "Best" when you still have questions to be resolved.

Yes, I do want Total in the title, but I would to have it in millions, so the final result would look like:
Total $0.1M

Thank you.

@rservice0320 See attached!


that's what I needed! thank you.

@rservice0320 Great!