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I have a worksheet like this for each month and the numbers for each day in the 703, 1261, etc. (they are carton sizes) are different. I have a Grand Total tab and I want to know a combined total of each person's numbers throughout the year. What are some ways that I can do that?

So for Julie, I would want to add all of Julie's totals for each individual carton size for all 12 months. However, Julie under the Name column is in a different spot each month. So, is there an easy formula that would total them all for me or will I have to do it manually after each month is completed? (This data is for this year)



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@catherine9910 An easy way? I would say NO, but it's not all that difficult either. The way to go would be to use PowerQuery (provided you're not on a Mac).


If you have never used PQ, it's going to require some learning, but once you master the basics you will love it. Do you have the monthly tables in separate worksheets within one workbook or in separate workbooks (one for each month?  Either way, PQ can connect to these tables and append them (i.e. make one big "table" from them). Then you need to perform some clean-up steps, before grouping all information by Name, Month and Carton size. Once this has been set-up correctly, you can add data every month, push a Refresh button and you're done.


If you could upload data for, let's say. three months, that would help. Use fake names and numbers, so that you don't disclose any confidential information, but make sure that the structure of the data sheets is real.