toggle controls to create pivot table?

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I need help understanding controls in excel 365.  I have an idea for creating pivot tables to use for mail merge with word and excel paperwork.  I have a bunch of individuals who live in different houses (Group Homes).  Sadly our staff seem incapable of correctly writing names of individuals or the house name on the paperwork they need to fill out, so now I guess I need to do it for them. I want to be able to have a column/field that is just a check mark or toggle in each cell that is selected if the individual needs that form. (like a blood sugar record for diabetics)  so then I can have a pivot table that is only for diabetic monitoring that I can then use with word to mail merge.  I see the add controls from developer tab, but it seems like a clunky way to insert the control into the cell so I'm wondering if there is  a better way to do this.  I have around 75 different forms that are used for the 37 individuals or the 8 houses we have.  I would like to make setting this up as painless as possible and then the running/printing as efficient too. So Ideally, what i want is to be able to pick house 1 , have a table created that gives me all the individuals who live in that house and what documentation requirements each individual has.  then I run a macro? that does the mail merge for all the forms that are checked and print them by house so I don't spend all day trying to sort every form.  If it will help i can show a file that kind of shows what i am trying or at least the column names. I hopoe ive explained this well enough, and I hope some of you brilliant minds can help me solve this.

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