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Hola a todos!

Tengo dos hojas en un Excel:

hoja 1: columna de Compañias.

Hoja 2: columna de fecha, columna de compañías, columna de movimiento de efectivo.


De qué manera puedo combinar la fórmula tir.no.per en una nueva columna de la hoja 1 para que busque la tir.no.per de cada compañia de la hoja 2 y devuelva el valor filtrado de cada una y quede automatizada? Seria algo como : Tir.no.per.si.conjunto  


muchas gracias!


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Hola @Vickynocampo ,


Please show picture of spreadsheet (so cell locations can be known, geographical lay of your spreadsheet land) also you formula and see the fields we're dealing with so we can come up with your solution.




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Función TIR.NO.PER

En este artículo se describen la sintaxis de la fórmula y el uso de la función TIR.NO.PER en Microsoft Excel.


Devuelve la tasa interna de retorno para un flujo de caja que no es necesariamente periódico. Para calcular la tasa interna de retorno de una serie de flujos de caja periódicos, use la función TIR.


Me alegraría saber si puedo ayudar.



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Sounds like she's talking about a calculated column in another sheet, and I don't like to guess the lay of the spreadsheet she's working on since it might lead to more confusion than enlightenment.


We have both the same opinion.

But please keep in mind that these are users who are faced with an insurmountable problem and sometimes even desperate for it.

I can well imagine if someone is in such a mental situation that he certainly does not take the time to read the forum rules. Alternatively, to know how best to come up with a proposed solution.


If it had taken the time, he could read Mr. Cuong Pham's Post at the very beginning.

See link: Welcome to your Excel discussion space!


At the same time, TIR.NO.PER is the XIRR function in English.

I have nothing other than what I am also sending you, the Microsoft page with the execution of the function.


You will often find situations here where the user either stands for an insurmountable problem,

or is a new user and doesn't know how to describe his problem,

or simply a user who thinks because he has paid for the package,

he wants it to get a solution from the employees "here" straight away (customer is king :).


However, my moto for this problem, or rather, I always try to remember the saying "patience is a virtue". It's the only virtue where you don't need talent to learn it ... that's what I try to do in situations like this.


Doesn't always work, but mostly :)).


Thank you for your patience and time.



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