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I am preparing a timeline for a project, and I am facing 2 problems.
The first one is that while making a timetable, using the fill method --> series --> weekday, I found that Excel has removed Saturday and Sunday, but I want to remove Friday as a weekend.

The Second one is that when I make the duration of the task 1 day, in the timeline Excel calculates it as 2 days.

If someone has the answer to these 2 problems please reply to me.



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For 2nd part of your problem :-
If Excel is calculating a 1-day duration as 2 days, it might be due to how Excel handles time. Excel counts dates as whole numbers and time as fractions of a day. When you input a duration of 1 day, it includes both the start and end days.

Assuming your start date is in cell A1 and your end date is in cell B1, you can use the following formula to calculate the duration:



Enter the start date in a cell, say in D2.

In the next cell, enter the formula

=WORKDAY.INTL(D2, 1, 16)

16 is the code for weekend = Friday only.

Drag or copy as far as you need.