Time tracking with a scanner without VBA?

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Hello all -


I'm trying to set up a document in a shared, online Excel document that will allow employees to be scanned in and out to track their time. Because I'm using the online version of Excel, I can't use VBA.


I have attached a sample spreadsheet showing what I want to do. I have created barcodes for all my employees. When someone is scanned in, their name appears in column A and their "time in" automatically shows up in column B. When they are scanned a second time, their "time out" appears in column C. The next time they are scanned, it shows up as a "time in," and so on.


I can do all this with VBA, but I'm hoping there's also a way to do it using formulas.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I am curious how your are doing this now. I suspect just to get the data from the scanner you need the macro. I don't see any way that worksheet functions will do this but there are other options including scripts and power automate that might help, but I still don't know exactly what you have going on right now (i.e. exactly how is the data getting into the sheet in the first place)