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Hi I HAVE THE TIME SHEET download on excell and have been using it for years i will put my whole year of hours on it but today when i opened it under Total hours worked it say #REF! so I cant see total hours worked and if i enter another day of hours it does not add up the hours for the day like it used to. How can i fix it

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In order to be able to offer you an exact solution proposal, it needs information about the file itself and the digital environment of the file.

Here information about it:

At the same time, I will send you the possible sources of error that might help you.

How to correct a #REF! error

The #REF! error shows when a formula refers to a cell that’s not valid. This happens most often when cells that were referenced by formulas get deleted, or pasted over.


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Hello @Weston_Schmidt

Look at this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/how-to-correct-a-ref-error-822c8e46-e610-4d02-bf29-ec4b8c...
#REF! is usually an error generated after you delete a row or column. If you look at the formula you will see what cell reference was deleted and you can redirect it to the existing cell.