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iv made a time sheet by month, but now I need to break it down into weeks over the year (52 weeks) week by week instead of month by month as iv done, I have hi lighted in sheet named Sarah what I'm looking to do, what I'm asking, is their as easier way to do this ratter than me go through this manually on every sheet on every month.

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I'd move all data to columns B to F: February below January, March below February etc.

You can then copy F3:F9 to F10:F16, F17:F23 etc. (every seven rows)

@Hans Vogelaar 

Sorry for bothering again, I think iv done what you suggested but works, Iv a problem and im asking can you help, using VBA to add up the worked times in a week iv come across a problem, what i want in cell F75 is to shown worked hours from cells  E65 + E73:E78         E65 is last day of month and E73:E78 is start of next month.  iv put a VBA in but keep getting error,  could you please show me how to add one cell to a group of cells. hope iv explained this well enough.  

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See the SARAH sheet for what I had in mind.


I have yet to work through he changes that prevent a macro-enabled internet file from running on my machine but, since you use 365, it is possible to perform quite complex calculations using spreadsheet formulas alone.  What I see for each employee is a list of hours worked by day of the year.  To report the hours by week, the first 2 days would need to be stripped off.  Then one could wrap the remaining hours to give a 52x7 array

= WRAPROWS(DROP(hoursWorked,2),7,0)

The total by week is simply the row sum

= BYROW(WRAPROWS(DROP(hoursWorked,2),7,0), Sumλ)

where Sumλ
= LAMBDA(x,SUM(x))