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Hi All, 


I'm having trouble working out how to convert a time. 

I have 1 minute 30.009 seconds in one cell, entered as 1:30.009 and want to display is another cell as 90.009 seconds. any help would be greatly appreciated



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@forbesy71 Create a custom format like this [ss].000





Thanks for the reply, i have done that but i'm after the formula or steps to do it as below




@forbesy71 Sorry, but I don't understand what you mean by "I'm after the formula or steps to do it".

Sorry for the confusion,

What I want is, if i enter 1:30.009 into cell A1, i want it to display in cell C1 as 90.009 automatically.

Hope this explaination helps.
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@forbesy71 The simplest "formula" in C1 would be =A1 and than set the custom format for C1 to [ss].000


Alternatively, you could use the TEXT function that allows you to type the desired format into the formula between quotation marks. Using a double hyphen (i.e. two minus signs) in front forces it to become a numeric value.

= --TEXT(A1,"[ss].000")

Thank you Riny, that's got it, I didn't have the brackets around the ss in the formating.
Muchly appreciated