time calculations with milisec

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I have list of times with milisec in format mm:ss.000 or mm:ss,000. I change format of number a lot time but all functions still answer me dividing by zero (#delenienulou! in my language).



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What is the formula in the cell with the #delenienulou! error?

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The values in C5:C17 are left-aligned. That makes me suspect that they are text values. Try the following:

  • Select C5:C17.
  • Set the number format to the custom format mm:ss.000
  • If you use comma as decimal separator, use mm:ss,000
  • On the Data tab of the ribbon, click Text to Columns.
  • Select Delimited. then click Finish.
Thank you so much. I tried solve this problem for few weeks and you help a lot.