Thousand separators or decimals

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I want to change the thousands separator symbol and also the decimal symbol. Options do not appear in the file menu.

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File tab --> option  --> Advanced

Under the editing options --> uncheck use system operator

then choose the symbol you want.





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@Jihad Al-Jarady 

Thank you.


The problem is that in the file Menu I can't find options:



is there another way to find options??

Hi @Felipe_Villa 


What version of Excel you use?



Hi @Jihad Al-Jarady 


it's Excel 365 on the cloud. I'm not using desk app excel.

Hi @Felipe_Villa 


Try to use the shortcut ALT + T + O


Search for "Options" in the search box on the main screen top tab


Excel Online takes regional setting of your OneDrive (or SharePoint site), you need to change them.