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Hy! I wanted to ask you a very important question. Let's assume we have the ranking of a football championship in front of us. I created mine in particular on excel by writing each team in a cell, and the cells are on successive rows in the same column (ex: first team in B16, second team in B17, exc.). But I want that when I change the points of a team, the ranking is automatically updated according to the points of all the teams. Also, my ranking consists of 20 rows and 9 columns and these columns are all full of values. So, if I change the points of the teams in the leaderboard, how do I get the rows to sort themselves from the highest to the lowest value, without just changing the order of certain cells? Thanks in advance.


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Here are two older files that I had one from the Internet (unfortunately I don't know from which address, but maybe you can find it on the website) to follow the European Championship 2004, and the other file from this forum.

Maybe this file will help you…or not


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