The Find Tool


I am using an IMAC with Big Sur Version 11.4 with Office 365.  My question is regarding the Find Tool in Excel.   Is there no way to use the Find Tool and "Find all" as well as "Find next."?  I need to use the tool rather than the Find or Search because I need to use a wildcard.  Thanks. John Hicks

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Excel's Find allows wildcard search, doesn't it work for you?
Yes, I do know that Find may be used with wildcard. However, When I find what I am looking for I would like to highlight all of those that fit. My Find ribbon only allows for "Find Next". not "Find all" yet in the Help and Books I use is says that there should be a "Find All" button.
Which version of Excel are you using? Windows excel has a find all button.
I am using a new Office 365 subscription on a Mac.
O dear. In that case I have no idea. Just so you know : mac offfice is years behind windows.