Textsplit selecting a range.

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Just confused using TEXTSPLIT. It does not split the cells when i select a range/liste of valuer. But only one cell. 


=TEXTSPLIT(B4:B16;" "), return the value before space " ")

=TEXTSPLIT(B4;" ") return the value before and after the space


(Tekstdeling = Textsplit)




Is it a bug, or is it supposed to work like that?


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@Geir Hogstad 


An alternative could be the above formula.


TEXTSPLIT can't spill down and to the right at the same time. Spilling down and to the right at the same time would mean to return an array of arrays which in general isn't possible. Actually the array of arrays returns an error with e.g. LAMBDA and BYROW. For =TEXTSPLIT(A3:A15," ") it means that the intended result can't be returned.


In the example in the screenshot =TEXTSPLIT(A3," ") would create a horizontal array with 2 columns and =TEXTSPLIT(A11," ") would create a horizontal array with 8 columns.


If we tried


it would result in a CALC! error because of nested arrays (or array of arrays). The LAMBDA and BYROW would need to spill down and to the right at the same time which isn't possible with LAMBDA and BYROW (but with LAMBDA and REDUCE).

Great, thank you for the explanation.

@Geir Hogstad 

The workaround could be

        TEXTJOIN( UNICHAR(9999),,$B$21:$B$33 ),
        ",", UNICHAR(9999)